Judge Protasiewicz values democracy and will uphold the rule of law

Leslie DeMuth, Lake Mills
We all want the freedom to care for our families and thrive in safe communities. But profoundly undemocratic voting maps, backed by a narrowly conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court, have allowed unresponsive legislators to remain safe in their gerrymandered seats.

Elections matter for reproductive health

Jim Pick, Fort Atkinson
Today there are politicians who want to tell medical schools what they can and cannot teach. There are politicians who want to tell doctors what they can and cannot do regarding women’s health.

Vote for democracy, vote for Janet Protasiewicz

Lynn Armentrout, Lake Mills, WI
My grandfather was a proud Wisconsinite, WWI veteran, and Democrat. If he were alive today he would be appalled to learn his vote would have less weight in local elections because of Wisconsin’s legislative maps, among the most gerrymandered in the nation.

Protasiewicz favors fairly drawn maps

Jim Marousis, Fort Atkinson
The votes have been counted in the Wisconsin Supreme Court primary election and Judge Janet Protasiewicz garnered 49% of the vote heading into the April 4 election to choose a new justice for the court.

Primary election greatly affects women’s rights, fair maps

Mariette Nowak, East Troy
Did you know that there’s a primary election in just a few weeks on February 21,  an election that could greatly affect the lives of all of us?  We Wisconsin voters will get a chance to choose our candidate for the state supreme court. Only the top two of the 4 candidates running for the position will advance to the April 4 election.

Once upon a time: evaluating the election

George Wen, Delavan
As I evaluate this past election, I see both sides viewing the other as radical.  Are the Democrats eating children in the White House or is that conspiracy theory? Are the Republicans turning their back on democracy? Is it a big lie or a steal? So many people cling for dear life to their own position for fear of being wrong, or don’t look at all, and just vote based on tradition or loyalty. Personally, my loyalty goes to facts and truth.