Vote November 8

Jim Marousis, Fort Atkinson
Under the leadership of Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes Wisconsin now has the lowest unemployment rate and highest budget surplus in state history. The state’s bond rating has been upgraded, reflecting their commitment to paying down Wisconsin’s debt. [] Our economy is strong. 

The safe choice is to elect Democrats on November 8th

Ken Berg, Watertown
The pandemic is real and 1 million Americans lost their lives because of it, despite views from Trumpian Republicans it was nothing to worry about. Joe Biden won the 2020 election fair and square, yet too many Republicans refuse to accept this reality. January 6th was a premeditated, violent insurrection attempt, organized by Trump and his wannabees, aimed at overthrowing an election, while putting at risk our representative government.

Vote Evers and Vruwink to keep balance in Wisconsin state politics

Ben Knowles, Fort Atkinson
Wisconsin has traditionally been, and continues to be, politically purple. In 2022, when Tony Evers edged out Scott Walker for the governor’s seat, he did so by a 1 percent margin. In that same election, Republicans claimed a whopping 64% of State Assembly seats, a benefit of having engineered the nation’s most-gerrymandered state legislative districts in 2011. 

Mike Van Someren for Wisconsin’s 5th Congressional District

Margaret Krolikowski, Jefferson
Scott Fitzgerald is up for re-election to Congress for the 5th district.  I cannot forget or forgive, that the first vote he cast after being sworn in is to reject the Electoral votes from Wisconsin.  Basically, saying our votes should not count. This is the same election that put him in congress.

Perusing the Watertown Daily Times

Ben Adams, Watertown
The front page article was about 92 school districts seeking operational funding through ballot referendum.  Waterloo, McFarland, Sun Prairie, Fort etc. etc.  Citizens are being asked for money to fund operational costs, staff salaries, making the schools run!  They need to exceed revenue limits imposed by the WI State legislature.  Without them passing, schools face staff cuts or increased class size.