Gerrymandering is when a political group changes a voting district to hurt another group or work to their advantage.  Wisconsin is known for some of the most gerrymandered state legislative maps in the country.  All of us have the right to have fair voting maps which are not based on maneuvering lines to a political party’s advantage.

Last year, the Wisconsin Supreme Court handed down a decision to take the least change approach to map lines that were drawn in 2010.  This least change approach is not fair to voters in elections when voting for members of the Legislature.  Janet Protasiewicz stated when discussing the case of Rucho vs. Common Cause in 2019, “The judges decided the case on their own discretion and their own views rather than on judicial principals and precedent resulting in unequal political representation.”

Think carefully when you vote for Supreme Court justice on April 4th. Every citizen has the right to know that their vote counts and that no judge or politician has manipulated or gerrymandered that vote to their individual political advantage.  Voting for Janet Protasiewicz will help ensure that your vote counts every time.

Vicki Wright,
Fort Atkinson