Letters to the Editor (LTEs) are an important way for members of the local community to share views widely with other news readers. LTEs expand your reach beyond social media to people who follow the news. LTEs may be in response to a recent news article, a previous letter, or a current topic of importance to the wider community.

The Jefferson County Democratic Party is encouraging our members to submit LTEs to our local news outlets.

Suggested topics include: Fair Maps, Freedom to Vote Act, Gov. Evers investments in economy, state budget priorities, health care, family-supporting jobs, public education, child care, affordable health care, and clean water.

Letters are sent online to the Opinion Editor, addressed to “Dear Editor.” Always include your full name and contact information so that the editor may contact you if needed; your name and town will be printed. Keep your letter short (under 200 words) and on one subject.

  • Include compelling facts that show the urgency of your issue.
  • State the shared value that is the basis of your concern (e.g. public safety, strong families, worker dignity, healthy children, equality under the law, etc.)
  • End with a brief Call to Action (e.g., call your legislator, register to vote, etc.)


If you would like to receive more guidance, or to share your letter with us, please contact Leslie (jeffdemswi@gmail.com).

Thank You!

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