You can make a difference!
Help win elections and promote fairness and decency at all levels of government.

Ways to Help

  • Deep Canvassing
    Deep canvassing involves empathetic listening and sharing a personal story with people who do not reliably vote. We are organizing deep canvassing events to increase voter turnout in Jefferson County.
  • House Meetings
    You can help grow the power of the grassroots by hosting a small group gathering in your home or other informal setting. House meetings create a space for discussion, not debate, focused on values and motivations, leading to action.
  • Tasks to help from home
    There are many activities that can be done at your convenience and from home such as phone banking, tracking data, and writing letters to the editor.
  • Committees: Outreach, Public Relations, Fundraising
    Use your networking and communication skills to help recruit members, identify possible candidates to run for office, or plan events that educate our members or raise funds for the 2022 campaign.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about any of these opportunities.

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