The April 4 election for Wisconsin Supreme Court presents a clear choice.  Judge Janet Protasiewicz has stated that she favors Fair Maps and voting rights.  Wisconsin Republicans have used gerrymandered districts and voter suppression to retain power in state politics since 2010.  They have failed to deliver for the state’s residents.

An example is funding for public schools.  In 2002, Wisconsin ranked 11th in per pupil spending.  In 2020, Wisconsin ranked 25th.  During those years, national spending on education increased by 75% while Wisconsin spending on education lagged, increasing by only 49%.  Inflation during that span increased by 44%, effectively canceling out the funding increase for Wisconsin students, the future of our state and its economy. [WPR, Hope Kirwin   July, 2022]

Wisconsin currently has a surplus of over $7 billion.  Governor Evers (D) has proposed spending $2.6 billion of this money on education, including school-based mental health support for our students.  This is almost sure to be blocked by Assembly Republicans.

Vote for Janet Protasiewicz on April 4.  Restore the people’s voice in Wisconsin politics.

Jim Marousis,
Fort Atkinson