As I watch another cycle of bitter partisan commercials, this time for the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, I wonder if we are really as divided as a state and a nation as we are led to believe. Are our neighbors, the casual acquaintances we meet at the grocery store or local restaurant really our enemies…. people who want to limit or dictate the way in which we live? I truly do not believe so. However human nature can be driven by fear, and there is plenty of that being pedaled on all platforms of media. We are supposed to fear each other, fear our differences, fear what we do not understand. History has shown that fear leads to controlling and limiting others’ lives and freedoms, often with brutal consequences. Fear should not be the motivator in choosing a candidate for this important election. Fairness should be the motivator. Fairness not only for our own families and friends, but fairness to other individuals and families who may not look like or be like us. We need to support the candidate who respects the choices we make for our families, without judging that those same choices be imposed on others. We need to support the candidate who supports fairness in electing representatives who actually represent their constituents, not their donors. We need to support the candidate who will rule in favor of fairness for all of Wisconsin. Please vote on April 4th, without fear.

Diane King,
Fort Atkinson