Once upon a time: evaluating the election

George Wen, Delavan
As I evaluate this past election, I see both sides viewing the other as radical.  Are the Democrats eating children in the White House or is that conspiracy theory? Are the Republicans turning their back on democracy? Is it a big lie or a steal? So many people cling for dear life to their own position for fear of being wrong, or don’t look at all, and just vote based on tradition or loyalty. Personally, my loyalty goes to facts and truth.

Move Forward Wisconsin

Ben Adams, Watertown
The 2022 election is over, and we remain in a divided state with firm GOP control of the legislature and Governor Evers retaining the Executive branch. How can things be different in the next 4 years?  How can the needs of the state supersede the partisanship of the last 4 years?

Stop the hatred

Beth Gore, Fort Atkinson
If our Presidential election had been hijacked by a violent mob, we would never have seen a lawful election in this country again. Don’t let supporters of dangerous egomaniacs make a mockery of the American government.

Vote democratic party

Randy Golz, Fort Atkinson
Don’t be fooled by all of the lies and fear-mongering by the extremist Republican candidates…

Dismay expressed over voter intimidation

Mary L. Steensrud,  Jefferson
As an American citizen, I am writing to express my alarm, dismay, disgust, and many other emotions I’ve felt after hearing about the voter intimidation occurring in many states.  Watching voters drop off their ballots, dressing in paramilitary clothing, and taking pictures of voters is obvious intimidation actions. 

Support abortion rights

Karen Etter Hale, Lake Mills
A friend of ours has been trying to get pregnant for some time. She and her husband found out this fall that their much-wanted, long-awaited pregnancy was doomed, when the 12-week sonogram showed that the fetus had no skull (anencephaly) and would die either before or shortly after birth. Her doctor in Wisconsin could no longer terminate the pregnancy…