Vote NO on Constitutional Amendment Referendums

John Callan, Fort Atkinson
Both questions led former lives as proposed legislation vetoed by Gov. Tony Evers. Now, the state Senate, lacking a supermajority to override the veto, is again attempting an end-run around both the legislative process and the separation of powers by enshrining failed legislation into the state constitution, where it would be immune to gubernatorial veto.

Vote for Protasiewicz if you value democracy

Steve Tesmer, Fort Atkinson
Wisconsin is a classic “purple state,” split nearly 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans. In statewide elections, sometimes Republicans win and sometimes Democrats win, but for more than a decade, Republicans have held strong control of both houses of the state legislature, thanks to the gerrymandered district lines they drew in 2011.

Don’t Sit This One Out

Leslie LaMuro, Fort Atkinson
The April 4, 2023 election in Wisconsin is critical to democracy, don’t sit this one out. Each community has important local school boards or city officials on the ballot; however the vitally important statewide election is for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.