How Minds Change: The Surprising Science of Belief, Opinion, and Persuasion
by David McRaney (Portfolio/Penguin 2022)

Tuesday, November 14 
10:00 AM
Location: Johnson Creek Public Library

The Democratic Party of Jefferson County (JeffDems) announces that it will host “Coffee and Conversation” in the meeting room at the Johnson Creek Public Library on Tuesday, November 14, at 10 a.m.

At the November “Coffee,” attendees will discuss the book “How Minds Change: The Surprising Science of Belief, Opinion, and Persuasion,” by David McRaney. Those who have not read the book, but want to learn and listen, are welcome to attend.

A limited number of free copies of the book are available for anyone interested in reading it. Priority will be given to those who intend to attend the discussion. If interested in obtaining a copy of the book, please email, or call 920-728-2886.

The JeffDems host “Coffee and Conversation” most months on the second Tuesday, at various locations around Jefferson County. Coffee and snacks are offered. Monthly membership meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday at 7 p.m., either in person or over zoom.

Attendees of this November “Coffee and Conversation” should be aware that the Johnson Creek Public Library does not open to the public until 10 a.m. The library is located at 125 Lincoln Street in Johnson Creek.

About the book:

A brain-bending investigation of why some people never change their minds—and others do in an instant—by the bestselling author of You Are Not So Smart. Includes a chapter on Deep Canvassing, and why it is so effective. Read more >>

Book review by Ruth Conniff in the Wisconsin Examiner:
As our politics get worse, it’s time to reevaluate how we talk to each other – Wisconsin Examiner