I am dismayed by all the political noise of those television ads leading up to the mid-term elections this Fall. So much of what we are hearing is simply lies. I miss the “Fairness Doctrine”, abolished by Reagan, which required parties to speak the truth and present both sides of the story. Instead, we hear the dog whistle over topics meant to alarm the listener, such as:

  • “defund the police”
  • “fight for freedom”
  • “criminals out on bail”
  • And each side claiming the other is “radical”

Until the Fairness Doctrine is restored, we all would appreciate if the media would reject some of these ads for the misinformation they contain. Instead, ask those candidates to tell us about the policies & programs they support; Instead, please tell us specifically what you, the candidates, would DO to create change that benefits the majority of us; and if you don’t mind, just stick to the facts instead of name-calling, race baiting, fear mongering and telling lies. We are all sick of it. Until things change, I suspect I am not the only person to hit the mute button when the political ads show up.

Patricia Giese,
Johnson Creek