I have lived in Jefferson County for some time and would like to speak to Voting Rights and Voting Access.

While there are a whole range of important issues in the coming elections, none is more basic than the right to make our voices heard.  Fair voting access has always been the singular issue that separates our country from the rest, but we are rapidly going down a road where the minority will make decisions for the majority.  Gerrymandering, elimination of drop boxes and reducing the number of polling places are just a few of the dangerous recent changes that will have long range effects to our ability to make decisions that will affect our county, state and the country as a whole.

The GOP is spending a lot of time and effort to create solutions to problems that do not exist.  Election deniers are attempting to impact our ability to have free and fair elections.  Without our ability to vote, no other issues can be addressed.

Drop boxes must be replaced.  Polling places throughout the state must be reopened.  We must assure all citizens have access to vote and that fair and accurate results will move us forward.

Larry Clausius, Jefferson WI