Whether going to school, the grocery store, or a place of worship, every American should feel free to live without the threat of gun violence. The tragic carnage of mass shootings, suicide and domestic homicides are preventable. Most Wisconsinites, including gun owners, favor waiting periods, red flag laws, background checks, and other sensible gun safety reforms. But Wisconsin’s Republican legislators refuse to help resolve this crisis. Serving instead their wealthy donors and gun manufacturing interests, they turn a blind eye to us.

Thankfully, we have a Governor who is fighting for public safety. In 2020, Gov. Tony Evers called for a special session to address gun violence, but the Republican-controlled legislature used the parliamentary trick of “gavel in, gavel out” to avoid action. Since then, Gov. Evers has protected our safety by vetoing Republican bills that would nullify federal firearm laws in Wisconsin, including one that would allow guns on school property.

Enough is enough. We can take steps to make communities safer. Senseless access to weapons is at the heart of too many violent deaths. Remember the pain of the families in Uvalde, Buffalo, Oak Creek, Sandy Hook, and more, when you vote in 2022 for courageous Democrats, like Tony Evers, who will defend your freedom to live safely in our great nation.

Leslie DeMuth, Lake Mills