Dear Editor,

If you want your government to work for you to improve the economy and protect democracy then vote for Tony Evers in the upcoming election on November 8.

Since 2019 Tony has worked hard to improve the lives of the people of Wisconsin, cutting taxes for the middle class and investing funds in public infrastructure (roads, bridges, schools, broadband internet access) as well as small businesses and family farms. In stark contrast, the Republican-dominated Legislature has mostly refused to work, becoming the least active full-time legislature in the nation since the pandemic. It has often refused to sit for special sessions Governor Evers calls to address important issues (such as how to spend a projected budget surplus), yet saw fit to spend time and taxpayer money on a baseless investigation of the 2020 presidential election—an investigation which, like all the others, has produced no evidence that the outcome was anything but honest.

In addition to failing to work hard for the hard-working people of Wisconsin, the Republican Legislature tried to pass bills this year making it harder to vote and easier to carry concealed guns, bills that would take Wisconsin backward instead of forward. Without Tony Evers’ veto, those regressive bills would now be law. If Tim Michels is elected, those regressive bills will become law.

Vote for checks and balances in government. Vote for progress for Wisconsin. Vote for Tony Evers on November 8.

Lynn Armentrout
Lake Mills