My grandfather was a proud Wisconsinite, WWI veteran, and Democrat. If he were alive today he would be appalled to learn his vote would have less weight in local elections because of Wisconsin’s legislative maps, among the most gerrymandered in the nation. Gerrymandering—manipulating voting maps to dilute the opposition—has guaranteed Republican control of assembly and senate seats for over a decade, even while Democrats often win statewide elections (e.g., Governor Evers and Senator Baldwin).

Polls show that 87% of Wisconsin voters oppose gerrymandering. They believe in a level playing field. In Michigan, voters passed a referendum in 2018 giving redistricting control to an independent commission. Wisconsin law doesn’t allow voter referendums, but Wisconsin voters may seek redress in the state’s courts.

Two candidates are seeking election to the Wisconsin Supreme Court on April 4th. One, Dan Kelly, is connected to efforts to reverse the results of the 2020 presidential election. The other, Janet Protasiewicz, agrees that the only thing rigged in our election system is gerrymandered voting maps.

Vote for democracy. Vote for Janet Protasiewicz on April 4th.

Lynn Armentrout,
Lake Mills, WI