Don’t be fooled by all of the lies and fear-mongering by the extremist Republican candidates.

They tell you that Democratic policies are causing inflation. But that doesn’t explain why inflation is worse in most other parts of the world. Inflation in the US is more about lack of supply than consumption.

The truth is that inflation has been exacerbated by Republican disdain for masking and vaccination against Covid-19. This has resulted in many more sick people missing work. It has also resulted in thousands of people needlessly dying.

Republicans have encouraged the rampant export of jobs and technology which has made us dependent on foreign suppliers and put us at the back of the line of technical expertise. Inflation results when these foreign supply lines are interrupted.

Republicans want you to believe that their opponents are soft on crime. Yet they refuse to implement even the most common sense gun laws supported by the majority of voters.

These extremists feel that the only way they can remain in power is by stifling democracy. We cannot allow them to do this. Vote for Tony Evers, Mandela Barnes, Josh Kaul, Mike Van Someren, Steven Doelder, and Don Vruwink.

Randy Golz,
Fort Atkinson