Dear Editor,

I am a woman, a homeowner, a mother, an entrepreneur, a member of a community that I love, and I need a government that will support the needs of the people it represents.

Some lawmakers are working VERY hard to suppress the voices of the people.  In July the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld a ban on nearly all drop boxes (for absentee ballots), and made it nearly impossible for voters to entrust others to drop off their absentee ballots.  Conspiracy theorists have cited stolen elections when pushing for these restrictive changes, even though there has been no evidence of widespread fraud (by state or independent reviews).  Of the approx. 3.3 million ballots cast in the 2020 election in Wisconsin, only twenty-four people were charged with voter fraud.

They are not trying to protect our choices, they are trying to silence our voices.

Tony Evers will veto upcoming bills that aim to restrict voter access.  Mandela Barnes has pledged to pass a new voting rights act, enhance election security, and strengthen ethics rules for elected officials.  Even if you don’t feel personally affected by the choices on the ballot today, vote Evers and Barnes to protect your choice and your voice now and into the future.

Thank you,
Emily Klein
Lake Mills