The pandemic is real and 1 million Americans lost their lives because of it, despite views from Trumpian Republicans it was nothing to worry about.

Joe Biden won the 2020 election fair and square, yet too many Republicans refuse to accept this reality. January 6th was a premeditated, violent insurrection attempt, organized by Trump and his wannabees, aimed at overthrowing an election, while putting at risk our representative government.

Gerrymandering is destroying the competitiveness of our state & national elections with Republicans and conservative courts complicit in continuing this corrupt practice.

Major campaign finance reform is needed if we want fact based advertising, serious limits on spending & contributions and transparency in what is said, but this change won’t happen if Republicans prevail. The principles of “rule of law” and representative democracy are what make us unique yet many Republicans have low regard for these ingredients of a healthy society.

I have confidence in our form of government holding liberals accountable over time but authoritarian leaders and politicians typically remove the safeguards of democracy, making them the far less attractive option. Too many current Trumpian Republicans fit this description, so the safe choice is to elect Democrats on November 8th.

Ken Berg,