It has been 8 months since the presidential election and state Republicans are spending more taxpayer dollars to audit the election results. Assembly speaker Robin Vos has hired 3 former police officers and a former supreme court justice to conduct an “independent” audit. He will pay them for 3-4 months spending upwards of $130,000. The Republican legislature also ordered the Legislative Audit Bureau to do the same but no mention is made of what this will cost. All this when there is virtually no evidence of any voter fraud.

So why are the “guardians” of the taxpayers so willing to spend thousands chasing something that doesn’t exist? Two words: Donald Trump. Trump wrote Vos and other top Republicans and attacked them for not doing an audit. Even now Trump and many Republicans across the country are still peddling the fake news story that the election was “stolen”. Few people mention that his accusation is a direct assault on the men and women who work at the polls on election day. These people are our friends and neighbors and sacrifice their time to make sure the elections go off without a hitch. Yes, they get paid but it is a huge responsibility that they take very seriously.

To continue to say the election was rigged is a direct slap in the face to these workers and many may decide they have had enough abuse and quit. Of course, this would fit right into the Republicans’ game plan to suppress the vote. People need to stand up and say, “Enough is enough,” and put the “Big Lie” to bed once and for all.

Joe Kallas