Letter to the editor:

Did you know that there’s a primary election in just a few weeks on February 21,  an election that could greatly affect the lives of all of us?  We Wisconsin voters will get a chance to choose our candidate for the state supreme court. Only the top two of the 4 candidates running for the position will advance to the April 4 election. And only two of the candidates favor a women’s right to choose – Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz  and Dane County Judge Everett Mitchell.  Both are also in favor of  fair redistricting maps   It’s critical that one of these two are  receive enough votes to run in the April election.

The other two candidates are extremist conservatives have been endorsed by antiabortion groups and have ties to Donald Trump. Trump endorsed former justice Dan Kelly and praised him at a rally in Milwaukee.  Judge Jennifer Dorow’s husband was a security official for Trump’s events in Wisconsin.

One of the most important issues likely to come before the court is the 1849 Wisconsin law banning abortions,  still on the books after 173 years! The Republican Legislature has refused to deal with this issue despite efforts by Governor Evers. Wisconsin also has one of the most aggressive partisan gerrymandered districting maps in the nation- maps approved by the conservative Wisconsin supreme court.

It’s time for a change in Wisconsin. Please vote for Janet Protasiewicz  or Everett Mitchell to restore reproductive rights and fair voting maps.

Mariette Nowak,
East Troy