A friend of ours has been trying to get pregnant for some time. She and her husband found out this fall that their much-wanted, long-awaited pregnancy was doomed, when the 12-week sonogram showed that the fetus had no skull (anencephaly) and would die either before or shortly after birth. Her doctor in Wisconsin could no longer terminate the pregnancy, and they had to scramble to find an out-of-state clinic, make an appointment, and arrange time off to travel there and back.

Women like my friend should not have to carry a non-viable fetus for nine months, causing additional and prolonged pain. Please vote for Mandela Barnes, Governor Tony Evers, and others who would not force women to endure more agony than they already must face.

In addition to voting, our friends ask that anyone who can, please donate, volunteer as an escort, or do whatever else you can in support of abortion rights.

Karen Etter Hale,
Lake Mills