This is truly grim.

Millions of Wisconsin residents have been calling for fair voting maps, and earlier this year a reasonable compromise had been reached.

But now the Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled in favor of extreme partisan gerrymandering. In a narrow ruling by conservative judges, the court has allowed the maps presented by the GOP-majority Legislature to go forward — the very maps that it had previously rejected.

Gerrymandered districts are created by political parties to rig the system for their own power. Seats are not competitive, and politicians can ignore their constituents. Since 2011, Wisconsin has been living under the rule of the party that wins by gerrymandering. This legislative majority is working for special interests, not the voters.

After eroding voting rights, their aim is clear — attack health care, devalue schools, degrade environmental protections, and ignore calls to act by a duly elected governor.

If you wonder why we can’t get things done, blame this moment, when our great state once again rejected fair voting maps.

Leslie DeMuth, Lake Mills