We Can Safely Get Back to Business

Plans for phased re-opening will take us there, together

Gov. Tony Evers has taken courageous measures to safeguard public health and slow the spread of the coronavirus. The plan to re-open has already begun as loosening of restrictions for certain businesses have gone into effect. Every business across the state can do things like deliveries, mailings, curbside pick-up.

Small Businesses

A faster, regional approach to re-opening as proposed by some business may sound tempting, but we must recognize the reality of the virus as it spreads across county lines.


We all want freedom…

We all want and deserve the freedom to send our kids to school, earn a living, and run our businesses. During a global pandemic, we rely on our elected officials – lawmakers and executives alike – to work together with business leaders and public health experts. We can get there safely, without crashing our health care system along the way.


The formula is sound…

Gov. Evers’ formula to reopen is sound. Based on benchmarks including a decline in the percentage of positive COVID-19 tests, the plan relies on contact tracing and hospital capacity. We need to see bi-partisan plans to help small businesses, farmers, first responders, and those who’ve lost their jobs.


The Assembly Health Committee has not met since February 17. The Senate Committee on Health and Human Services has not met since March 11. Gov. Evers declared a public health emergency on March 12.


The Republican leaders’ lawsuit against the Governor’s use of emergency powers during an epidemic is a shameful distraction for political gain. As the State Supreme Court hears arguments, the Stay-at-Home order hangs in the balance. Confusion does not help anyone.



What can you do?

First, learn more about the issue. Since you are reading this, you can check that off your list!

Second, follow us on Facebook (Democratic Party of Jefferson County (Wisconsin)) for updates on issues and ways to get involved.

Third, call your Legislators and ask them to support the Badger Bounce Back plan. Tell them we want to re-open safely!

Here are 2 ways to call:

  1. Call 1.800.362.9472.
  2. Use this automatic messaging system via the Democratic Party of Wisconsin