Purging the Voter List: Another attempt by the GOP to make it harder for people to vote

“Turnout rates really do matter…and the understanding on the part of both parties now is that high turnout is likely to benefit Democrats.”
Cap Times Editorial, Dec 18, 2019 – “Don’t let a right-wing judicial activist upend Wisconsin Democracy

Wisconsin Elections Commission Stands Up to Purging Judge
– Matt Rothschild, Wisconsin Examiner, 12/16/19

The Wisconsin Elections Commission on Monday did the right thing by waiting to purge 234,000 voters from the rolls. On Friday, Ozaukee County Judge Paul Malloy ordered the commission to do the purge, but the commission on Monday, on a 3-3 vote along party lines, decided not to go ahead with the purge – at least not yet. The tied vote means the action can’t go forward

If ultimately the Wisconsin Elections Commission is forced to go ahead with the purge, it has a moral obligation not only to notify all 234,000 voters that it is doing so but also to let them know, clearly and succinctly, what they’ll need to do to re-register.

The League of Women Voters Wisconsin  advises people to check their voter registration status with myvote.wi.gov.