The votes have been counted in the Wisconsin Supreme Court primary election and Judge Janet Protasiewicz garnered 49% of the vote heading into the April 4 election to choose a new justice for the court.

Judge Protasiewicz favors fairly drawn maps over gerrymandered districts.  State Republicans have controlled our political maps since 2010, drawing district boundaries to give themselves an advantage in elections.  For example, in the 2020 elections, Governor Evers, a Democrat, won with 51% of the votes statewide and yet Republicans control 65 % of the current State Assembly seats.

With gerrymandered districts, Republican candidates do not have to earn your vote.  Examples of this are candidates declining to debate their opponents, our state legislature’s 8 months of inaction during the pandemic, and Assembly Republicans “gaveling in and gaveling out” to avoid acting on issues like school funding when called on by Governor Evers.

Iowa has had Fair Maps for 40 years and still elect a majority of Republican candidates.

Insist Wisconsin Republicans earn your votes by convincing you that they have ideas that will improve your life.  Vote for Protasjewicz on April 4.

Jim Marousis,
Fort Atkinson