Election 2022 is just a few weeks away on November 8th.   I was going to write a letter highlighting the great candidates we have to represent Watertown for the State Assembly (Maureen McCarville) and US Congress (Mike Van Someren).   I was going to mention that Maureen gave a speech in Watertown in August and was going to talk about one of her major issues, gun violence.  She noticed that two young children were playing in the corner of the the office, she lowered her voice to the 12 adults in attendance to a strong whisper so only they would hear her!  I was going to mention Mike Van Someren showed up to an event in Watertown wearing his old UW Gridiron baseball cap that he had saved from the years he faced the ultimate challenge blocking of Ohio State linebackers when a player for Barry Alvarez. These are authentic Wisconsinites who know and live the values of making our state the best it can be going forward!

But then I opened the Tuesday WD Times.   The front page article was about 92 school districts seeking operational funding through ballot referendum.  Waterloo, McFarland, Sun Prairie, Fort etc. etc.  Citizens are being asked for money to fund operational costs, staff salaries, making the schools run!  They need to exceed revenue limits imposed by the WI State legislature.  Without them passing, schools face staff cuts or increased class size.

On page A7 was an article on Hustisford and it plans for an April school referendum to upgrade the high school.

Page A3 had an article on Dodge County use of federal funds from the American Rescue Plan to upgrade Fire and EMS facilities in Clyman/Reeseville area.

Page A4 told us of an escape of “feed leachate”, a byproduct of silage harvest of a Fond du Lac CAFO, to an area around Lolita Creek.  “DNR staff is monitoring the cleanup.”

The common denominator of all this news is that the folks who run our state legislature are failing.

A. They are failing our schools!   The trends are clear since Act 10.    Limit school funding.  Demonize teachers and reduce their power.  Force referendums as the norm in school operations!  Distract distract by challenging school curriculums and questioning support for our most vulnerable students.

B. They are failing our infrastructure!   The funds directed to Wisconsin and funneled to counties come from the Biden administration efforts to make up for the unprecedented challenges of governing during COVID!   And ALL and EVERY Wisconsin GOP federal official, including Johnson and Fitzgerald, voted AGAINST these efforts.  (Be on guard as they start to claim credit for them!)

C. They are failing our environment!   The DNR has been hamstrung by the unbelievable blocking of the Governor’s choices for DNR leaders by the WI GOP Senate.  With disingenuous approval of the WI Supreme Court.

We need new fresh leadership of McCarville and Van Someren.

Ben Adams,