When you vote on Nov. 8, or before, picture the community, state and country you want for your grandchildren. Like many baby boomers, I want them to have what we were handed: clean air and water, public green spaces, sound roads and bridges, excellent public education, job opportunities with health insurance and a decent pension, a safety net for the elderly, disabled and our most vulnerable, and freedoms to create most any path we chose. I want this upcoming generation to know that fairness, honesty and civility are valued by and expected from each other and especially from our elected officials.

Those circumstances didn’t just magically happen for us. Voters elected officials who, along with civic-minded business leaders, made decisions and took actions that resulted in the reality we inherited.

Yes, much has changed since then, but our actions today still determine what kind of future we, collectively, create. Who we elect affects not just now; it creates our shared future. What kind of inheritance do we want for the next generation?

Tony Evers, especially, embodies the values and champions actions that will create a positive future for our grandchildren and for all of us. Vote Tony Evers for Governor.

Leigh Barker Cheesebro,