Dear Editor:

I have been a poll worker/election inspector for a local township for over 10 years. I participated in the Milwaukee County election recount. The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) recently released their report after investigating reports of fraud in the November 2020 presidential election. There were 3.3 million total votes in Wisconsin. A total of 27 cases of possible fraud were referred to prosecutors. Widespread fraud with 27 referred cases? I think not.

The GOP just sent numerous bills to Gov. Evers for signature. What “problems” are they trying to fix? I checked the WI GOP website to read the proposed bills; I read 15  proposed bills. In my opinion, they are all aimed at imposing restrictions to make voting more difficult and imposing penalties for problems that don’t exist. They are also trying to prevent trained election workers and others from doing their jobs. I’m appalled at these blatant attempts to undermine the state’s election integrity. If you really want to know what happens during elections, I suggest you work a shift or be an observer at your local election location. Ask questions. For information about elections, fraud prevention, voting registration, election workers’ training, and much more visit the WEC website at https//

Barbara Lottmann