To the editor,

Ladies, it’s time to make your voices heard at the ballot box. The government has no say in decisions regarding women’s health choices, but should care about children’s lives more than blood money from the NRA. We must elect politicians who will ban the sale of assault weapons, support universal background checks on each and every gun sale (no loopholes), ban the sale of large capacity rounds of ammunition, and raise the minimum age to purchase a gun.

The second amendment does not take precedence over American’s lives. Children should not be afraid to go to school and feel stressed by active shooter drills. No teacher should be expected to have a gun to protect their students, nor should we have armed officers or volunteers carrying guns in our schools. Guns are the problem; adding more guns is not the answer.

Americans are justifiably afraid to go to school, church, the grocery store, or a concert because some guy with an automatic weapon might open fire on them. Rise up moms, grandmas, all women of voting age; tell the politicians who vote against your best interests to take a hike. Vote for politicians who respect your choice and who respect the lives of Americans. No more thoughts and prayers, we want policy and action.

Leslie LaMuro, Fort Atkinson