The 2022 election is over, and we remain in a divided state with firm GOP control of the legislature and Governor Evers retaining the Executive branch.

How can things be different in the next 4 years?  How can the needs of the state supersede the partisanship of the last 4 years?

#1  The Legislature can show goodwill towards the Governor by using January to schedule WI Senate confirmation hearings for all of Ever’s appointments.  The unfair and undemocratic practice of delaying confirmation needs to stop.  Let the Governor have his team in place.

#2  A joint declaration of confidence in the competence and integrity of the just completed election should be made by Evers and the leaders.  All talk of organized election fraud and intentional mismanagement should end.  No more Gableman-like fiascoes.  No more Big Lie conspiracies!

#3  In Wisconsin, we are smart enough to expand and promote vote-by-mail, like so many other states do.  No more unfounded drama about the use of drop boxes.  Legislature, work on a plan that the Governor can sign.

#4  Legislature, don’t spend a lot of time and energy on bills you know the Governor will never support.  You did it before to rile up your base but at what cost?  We have 4 years now to work together on initiatives that both parties can support.

#5  South Dakota just passed an amendment to their state constitution 57-43, to expand eligibility for Medicaid expansion.

Wisconsin is the only northern state that has not taken advantage of this, and for no good reason!  80,000+ families would benefit by getting affordable healthcare.  Funds would be available for mental health care, and attacking opioid addiction.  We wouldn’t rely on well-meaning free clinics for low-income people to get access to healthcare.  And it would be using money Wisconsinites have already paid in!    Let’s do this.

#6  Our public schools are now running with the expectation that operational referendums are a normal part of public education. We rely on a process of begging for money from our citizens to succeed.   Let’s all work together to use $2 billion (40%) of our state surplus to fully fund public schools.   They are our crown jewels and we have left them tarnished.

You are the elected experts.  Do your job.  The election is over, 4 years lie ahead.  We, the people, expect better.

Ben Adams,