Scott Fitzgerald is up for re-election to Congress for the 5th district.  I cannot forget or forgive, that the first vote he cast after being sworn in is to reject the Electoral votes from Wisconsin.  Basically, saying our votes should not count. This is the same election that put him in congress.

There is a better choice on November 8. Mike Van Someren is a businessman from Oconomowoc. On his website,, it is apparent that he is a moderate who most voters should be able to identify with.

He is a gun owner who supports responsible gun ownership. He supports the affordable health care act. He supports Dreamers to a path for citizenship. He understands that being a diverse and welcoming society will help workplace challenges. He wants to fix our broken immigration system and. supports common sense immigration reform.

Please vote for Mike Someren for the 5th Congressional District. I certainly will.

Margaret Krolikowski,