This November we will be voting on who will represent Watertown and Jefferson County in Congress. The incumbent, Scott Fitzgerald, does not represent us.

He recently tweeted about the support he received from the Former President, who, in a very generic way, listed the accomplishments of our current Congressman. Included were support of Veterans, border issues and the economic recovery from the pandemic.

In each case, Fitzgerald is not honest in his representation.

He voted AGAINST the PACT bill that supported veterans exposed to oil fires and burn pits in the Middle East wars over the last two decades. As a former guardsman himself, this is unconscionable.

His trips to the border are for show without any real proposals for Immigration reform. Wisconsin is NOT Arizona. We have local immigration crises as our dairy operations rely on undocumented immigrants to operate the core 24/7 processes of our most important industry. Read the recent book “Milked” to get a sense of the situation.

Fitzgerald has voted against the American Rescue Plan even as the communities in his district are using its funds for critical or delayed projects that benefit small businesses and communities and schools – all of whom had budgets ravaged by the impacts of COVID-19. Watch out, he will be quietly claiming credit for some of these improvements! Call him out if he does!

Time for a change.

Investigate and consider Mike Van Someren, lawyer, tax specialist, former Badger lineman. He has ideas and wants to share them with you. He will be at the Watertown Dems office at 311 E. Main, across from Towne Cinema, this Saturday, August 20th from 5-7:30. Come find out for yourself what it sounds like to have someone who really will represent you and your family interests in Washington.

Ben Adams, Watertown Township