Letter to the editor:

Tim Michels, the GOP Gubernatorial nominee, revealed his education agenda that is a laundry list of the radical education talking points. First, he wants to defund public schools. Second, he wants to use those funds to support private schools. Third, he wants to politicize the classroom and school districts. And finally, Tim Michels wants to police your community with state action and state intervention into every school district.

Under the guise of expanding the choice program, Tim Michels’ plans would move funds from supporting every student to supporting a select few. He believes funding public education has resulted in a poorly run business with dismal results. Yet the current programs have elevated Wisconsin public schools to eighth place in the nation. Hidden in one of his proposals, after defunding public schools, Tim Michels wants to encourage parents to sue their schools to make the lives of school administrators even more difficult. He then wraps his whole plan up in fluff and fill that makes it seem as though he is going to improve literacy and reading standards, while putting forward no tangible ideas on how to actually do that.

Tim Michels’ plan is wrong for Wisconsin and would harm public schools and students. Gov. Tony Evers is a lifelong educator who will continue to defend public schools and support Wisconsin students.

Richard Broach