LOCATION: Zoom (link required – Request the link)
TIME: 7–8 PM
FEATURING: Candidates for the 5th Congressional District: Mike Van Someren and Jessica Katzenmeyer

About Mike Van Someren:
I am running to do the hard work of governing. I am running to listen to the voices of those who support me, as well as those who do not. I am running to advocate for the best interest of this great country and its people. I am running to level the playing field between corporations and the working class, to ensure opportunities are not being reserved for the wealthy few. I am running to ensure that the rules apply equally to all Americans regardless of wealth or status. Read more…

About Jessica Katzenmeyer:
Jessica Katzenmeyer is a proud, hard-working Wisconsinite who knows what it means to go the extra mile. After moving here for college 24 years ago, Jessica fell in love with the state and wanted to do everything within her power to make a difference. In 2002, she earned her B.A. in communications with a minor in political science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. With a proud union background, Jessica worked for UPS for over 12 years. She was an active member of Teamsters Local 344, serving three years as elected Secretary on their Political and Legislative Committee, five years on the UPS Safety Committee, and three years on the UPS Employee Relations Committee. The lessons learned from serving in these roles were invaluable, but none were as important as understanding that when people work together, it is possible to make the world a better place. Read more…