Please come to the February Members Meeting to continue learning about Fair Maps & Nonpartisan Redistricting

LOCATION: Zoom (link required)
TIME: 7:00 PM
FEATURING: Carlene Bechen, Fair Maps Organizer, Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition
TOPIC: Nothing Matters More: End Gerrymandering 

Carlene will address a topic that is critical to the Jefferson County Democrats: how gerrymandering harms democracy, and how an independent process will work.  More resources about fair maps can be found at Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
ABOUT CARLENE: Carlene Bechen is the foremost grassroots organizer focused on Fair Maps across the state. A retired educator, Carlene is also a founding member of the Oregon Area Progressives and has been lead organizer on many local, state, and national campaigns in North Carolina and Wisconsin.

Also at our February Member meeting, we’ll hear from Melissa Winker, a democrat running in a special election on April 6 for State Senate District 13, the seat recently held by Scott Fitzgerald. Winker is an 18-year educator with National Board certification, a parent of five children, family business owner, and wife of a firefighter.