Dear Editor,

In Sen. Ron Johnson’s latest attack on working people, he has suggested that Medicare and Social Security should be eliminated as title programs and instead be subject to annual approval as discretionary spending. Such a move would throw chaos into our economy and fear into the hearts of senior citizens.

We But Ron Johnson is a very wealthy individual who turns a blind eye to the needs of everyday people while working as an elected official to protect the rights of the most privileged few.

Senate candidate Mandela Barnes said it best when he described Ron Johnson as a “self-serving, multi-millionaire Senator…trying to strip working people of the benefits earned over a lifetime of hard work.”

We need a senator who understand that elders and families have rightfully come to rely on these great American programs that make our nation safer. Mandela Barnes will be a leader who protects the middle class, cares about working families, and fights for fairness.

Leslie DeMuth, Lake Mills