Once again the Wisconsin Senate election is made toxic by dishonest negative attack ads financed by big-money flooding the airwaves and mailboxes. This time the target is Mandela Barnes. Since Ron Johnson’s record as America’s second least popular Senator is indefensible, his re-election campaign stoops to fear-mongering and racist stereotypes, lying about Mandela’s record and labeling him “different” and “dangerous.” Some of the printed attack ads even darkened the color of Mandela’s skin. (Just in case you didn’t notice, he’s Black!)

Mandela Barnes is a good person raised by hard-working parents in the great City of Milwaukee and has served well as Lieutenant Governor. You can read about his smart policy positions at mandelabarnes.com. I am grateful that such a decent person is willing to run for and serve in office in this poisonous political environment. He does not deserve the vile personal attacks from the Republican Party.

The only way to push back on big-money attack ads is to vote in big numbers. Let’s restore some decency to politics and show that appealing to fear and stereotypes doesn’t work. And remember, not voting is a vote for the status quo.

Lynn Armentrout,
Lake Mills