Dear Editor,

Now that the Wisconsin GOP has decided on the Trump-endorsed millionaire construction executive Tim Michels, our choice for Governor is clear. Do not elect someone who wants to turn the clock back on workers’ rights and is running to “turn Madison upside down.” Governor Tony Evers is a man of decency who is leading the fight for everything that we hold dear.

This is no time for chaos. The Wisconsin legislature is still controlled by the do-nothing Republicans who have shown their disdain for working people and women’s rights – refusing to expand affordable health care, advocating for an 1849 law that criminalized abortion, saying no to sensible gun safety measures backed by strong majorities of people, and decimating voting rights and environmental protections that assure clean air and water for Wisconsinites.

Gov. Tony Evers is the people’s champion, standing up to the GOP’s divisive agenda. Vote for Tony in November.

Steve Bower
Lake Mills