End Gerrymandering

Voters should pick elected officials.

Politicians shouldn’t pick voters.

According to a recent Marquette poll, 72% of Wisconsinites want Fair Maps drawn in 2021, and 62% of Wisconsin Republicans favor it too. 47 out of 72 counties have passed resolutions opposing map manipulation and endorsing Fair Maps; many of the counties were carried by President Trump in 2016.

Learn more about Gerrymandering

Here are a few sources that explain what gerrymandering means for Wisconsin:

  • Follow these bills as they progress and see who the co-sponsors and co-authors are. AB303 and SB288
  • Read more about how the 2011 maps have affected Wisconsin elections.
  • See how different criteria changes how maps are drawn and who represents the people of Wisconsin.
  • Read more about what gerrymandering is and how it swings elections.
  • Read more about how a bill becomes a law in Wisconsin.

What is being done to create non-partisan, independent redistricting?

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court abdicated its responsibility to ban partisan gerrymandering, it’s up to all of us, here in Wisconsin, to solve this problem ourselves.

Senator Dave Hansen and Rep. Robyn Vining have proposed Senate Bill 288 and Assembly Bill 303 to ban gerrymandering in Wisconsin and give us nonpartisan, independent redistricting. There is a growing movement across party lines to support these bills, with an increasing number of Republican co-sponsors. Follow the bills to see who has signed on to the effort.

In addition, Wisconsin counties are weighing in on the issue. Currently, 47 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties have passed resolutions asking for the State Legislature to institute nonpartisan legislative and congressional redistricting in Wisconsin.

What can I do?

Call Representative Horlacher, Representative Dittrich, Senator Nass & Senator Fitzgerald (1.800.362.9472) and ask them to:

  • Co-sponsor the nonpartisan redistricting bill like their fellow Republicans Kitchens, Novak, and Tranel.
  • Hold public hearings for SB288 and AB303 so the community can be heard.

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