Freedom To Vote Act

December 20, 2021

SENATE MUST IMMEDIATELY PASS the Freedom to Vote Act (S.2747) to protect and expand the right to vote, decrease the influence of money in politics, and curb partisan gerrymandering.

No matter where we live or what our background, Americans want fair elections, where we all have the freedom to vote and make our voices heard on important issues such as providing affordable health care, creating good jobs, and ensuring quality education.

The Freedom to Vote Act improves voter access with reforms like Same Day Registration, Automatic Voter Registration, and expanded early voting. It sets national standards for voting by mail.

Our government should respond to the will of the people, not the interests of powerful corporations and wealthy donors. The Freedom to Vote Act includes provisions to increase transparency in campaign funding and limiting the power of Super PACs.

The districts drawn this year will shape our lives and our communities for the next decade. The Freedom to Vote Act includes provisions to ensure that voters are truly represented by our leaders. It ensures transparency in the map-drawing process, allows maps to be challenged when needed, and requires district maps to comply with the Voting Rights Act.

If 60 senators do not vote for the bill, it will be necessary for the Senate to change the rules in order to pass this and other key voting rights legislation like the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

We cannot afford to wait any longer or hear any more excuses; the American people demand equal voting rights now.

The national standards established in the Freedom to Vote Act will address many barriers to voting across the country, both old and new. The Act puts power back in the hands of the American people, making the promise of democracy real for us all.

Call your senators TAMMY BALDWIN 202-224-5653 and RON JOHNSON 202-224-5323 and tell them how important this package of reforms is to the future of our democracy. Urge them to vote YES on the Freedom to Vote Act.