Dear Editor,

Our rights and freedoms are on the ballot. After decades of struggle and protest, American women finally earned the right to vote – 102 years ago. But Republican lawmakers want to turn back the clock to 1849, when Wisconsin women had almost no rights. They want to control elections so that if their preferred candidate loses they can call foul and block the will of the voters. They want to protect unfettered gun access even for people with domestic violence records. The Republican-controlled legislature are loyal to their mega-donors and wealthy corporations and their bottomless need for minimal safety and environmental protections and maximum tax breaks.

Governor Tony Evers is the only person standing in the way of the Republican-controlled legislature and their divisive values. Evers is leading the fight to protect women’s rights, expand affordable health care, and protect us from more gun violence. You can be part of the solution. For your family and your freedoms, vote for Tony Evers for Governor on November 8.

Leslie DeMuth
Lake Mills