Farm-Rural Vote

Farmers, rural communities deserve champions in White House, Congress, Assembly

It’s time to elect Democrats

“As farmers continue to rebuild from a disastrous trade war that has alienated both our allies and our largest customers, Joe will reverse course with a coherent, assertive trade policy that works for American farmers. He will expand new markets for farm products, and hold cheaters like China accountable without using our farms as collateral damage.” – Tom Vilsack, Why Farmers Should Elect Biden, Farm Journal Opinion- Oct 01, 2020

“Bottom line, the plan fundamentally recognizes that net farm and ranch income still drives the success of many businesses on Main Street…in small towns around the country.” Biden spells out a winning plan for agriculture and rural America – Marshall Matz, Des Moines Register Opinion Sept 07, 2020

The Biden/Harris plan Rural Americans for Biden is to “build a pathway to the middle class for rural Americans” including elements that we find hopeful for Jefferson Co, WI:

  • triple funding to expand rural broadband access
  • protect small and medium-sized farmers and producers by strengthening enforcement of anti-trust laws
  • expand conservation programs using incentives to adopt environmentally friendly practices
  • expand rural health care, boost funding for rural hospitals and telehealth options, protect the Affordable Care Act

Tom Palzewicz (D-Brookfield) for the 5th CD announced a plan for Renewing Rural Communities that includes fighting for fair trade deals, creating financial supports like low-interest loans, addressing unfair competition of big box retail, and regulating CAFOs to advantage small family farms. – check out his stance on the issues at TOM PALZEWICZ FOR CONGRESS

Elect Democrats for State Assembly

Gov. Evers put farmers first when he announced in his Jan-2020 State of the State address a three-part plan to address the challenges affecting farmers and rural communities. But the Republican-controlled legislature rejected the agriculture special session bill package, blocking investments in rural Wisconsin.

Now is our chance to elect progressive Democrats who will work hard to help farmers and protect rural communities by supporting investments that the Republican-controlled legislature has failed to pass. Voters in Jefferson County can elect the following candidates for state assembly: