As a business man, Tim Michels understands that investing is essential to a company’s success. However he does not apply that same model when it comes to investing in public schools. The education plan that he has put forward in neither original nor thoughtful. Instead it is the same talking points used by Republicans nationwide to defund public education in order to privatize the system, often using teachers as scapegoats.

Restricting speech, mandating curriculum and banning books are distressing and radical under Michels’ plan. However, Tony Evers has continued to support and advocate for public schools. Wisconsin schools now rank 8th in the  nation, after falling to 18th just four years ago due to underfunding and neglect by the former administration. Governor Evers’ leadership and dedication to education is the reason for the higher ranking. He has proven to be an effective leader for public education, an educational system that benefits all of Wisconsin’s citizens.

Tim Michels only understands investing when it benefits him. Please vote for Governor Evers. He will continue to lift up our schools, rather than tear them down.

Diane King,
Fort Atkinson