It is time for the US Senate to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Freedom to Vote Act. These laws are necessary to block the work of partisan state legislatures that have passed laws to strengthen their own power at the expense of their citizens.

Since 2011, we in Wisconsin have witnessed how partisan gerrymandering created a more lopsided, polarized legislature that lost its ability to work together and solve problems. This divide and conquer philosophy now is being applied across the country as 19 other states have enacted more than 33 bills that make it harder for people to vote and sometimes to allow partisan state legislatures to not certify the votes actually cast.

Republican legislators claim that these laws are to protect against voter fraud, but there has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud even though it has been investigated multiple times, including in our own state.

Please call and write to our US Senators to support this important voting rights legislation. Encourage them to find ways to work together. If that fails, then urge them to look for ways to reform the filibuster.

In a recent PRRI survey, 70% of Americans say that Congress should pass a voting rights law. Only 27% say that voting rights should be left to the states. Encourage our Senators to put country over party.

Lynn von Huben, Waterloo