Tim Michels still questions the results of the 2020 election in Wisconsin (Bloomberg August 10).

Even after Trump’s lawyers filed 61 lawsuits nationwide, winning only one. Michael Gableman, hired by Republicans for over $1,000,000 in taxpayer money by the “fiscally conservative” GOP, failed to turn up any election fraud!  Gableman was fined twice for failing to provide documentation of his work, as well as “unprofessional and misogynistic” behavior. Those fines were also paid for by the taxpayers!

Additionally, records show that Republican Scott Fitzgerald reserved a room for Wisconsin’s fraudulent electors!

Governor Tony Evers has cut taxes for the middle class by 15%, awarded more than $280 million to over 55,000 small businesses, and renegotiated the Foxconn contract, saving taxpayers nearly $3 billion compared to Scott Walker’s deal.  Under Evers, the state unemployment rate is 3%, the lowest in state history, while the state’s general fund shows a surplus of over $3 billion dollars.

He also invested $130 million in finding innovative, community-based solutions to Wisconsin’s workforce challenges. Under Evers, the state’s bond rating has been upgraded, reflecting his commitment to paying down Wisconsin’s debt. [wispolitics.com]

Vote for Tony Evers on November 8!

Jim Marousis,
Fort Atkinson