I began paying into Social Security when I was 12 years old, painting fences on my grandfather’s farm.  After 40 years as a teacher in the public schools I retired at the age of 67 and began drawing Social Security payments at the age of 68, drawing on my money that the federal government had been accruing in a trust fund for over 55 years.

Now Ron Johnson wants to make Social Security and Medicare subject to a vote by Congress every year (Washington Post Aug 3).  Do you want multimillionaires deciding how much your monthly check is?  As a retiree, I know that this money (my money!) is crucial to my financial well-being.  Those of you who are still working, do you want to lose the money you are paying from each paycheck?

Say no to Ron Johnson.  Vote for Mandela Barnes on November 8.

Jim Marousis,
Fort Atkinson