Dear Editor:

Election day in the 37th Assembly District is fast approaching. Now more than ever we need representatives who know how government should work. The Republican candidate tries to portray himself as someone who can be effective in Madison.  If past is prologue, he will follow in the footprints of other Republicans and only represent those who voted for him. Nowhere in his handbills does he say he will represent ALL the people.  He writes that he will “protect” my rights. Protect them from what? Who is trying to take my rights?

Beware fear peddling politicians! Even though our elections have never been more secure, he will “ensure election integrity” in Wisconsin. Finally, he guarantees that he will make government “work for us, not against us”. He doesn’t give one example to explain what this means. In reality, he’s just another stale politician running in a district that is 65% Republican and pretending he is the champion of the electorate. Shouldn’t it take more than just an “R” after the name for a person to win an election? Shouldn’t the candidate have to offer concrete ideas to make our lives better? Yes he should, and if he doesn’t, we all lose!

Joe Kallas