The Democratic Party of Jefferson County urges voters to vote no on statewide ballot questions 1, 2 and 3.

Questions 1 and 2 address conditions of holding people before trial. If approved the amendments will increase the number of people who are held in jail pending trial. The questions are both ambiguous and misleading. They would violate rights of those who are innocent until proven guilty, increase costs for local jails, increase racial disparity in the justice system and adversely impact people with low-income. They will lead to costly legal challenges if passed.

Question 3 is a Welfare advisory referendum.  The results of this referendum will have no impact on the current law. Legislative leadership said the results of this referendum will be used to guide future legislation.  The language for this referendum is so misleading and vague that voters can’t make a reasonable nor informed decision.

Several municipalities have a fourth question calling for funding of local essential services including public schools.  We urge a yes vote on these. Such measures have become necessary due  the persistent policies of Republican law makers that have dramatically decreased shared revenue to schools and local counties and municipalities.

Governor Evers has demonstrated leadership in calling for funds from our 7 billion dollar budget surplus to fund our local schools, making referendums unnecessary, but he has been blocked by the Republican legislature.