Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is threatening to impeach Justice Janet Protasiewicz if she does not recuse from ruling on the voting maps case. If impeached Justice Janet would be unable to rule on any cases until the matter is settled by the State Senate, which could take as long they want to drag it out.

The true motivation for silencing Judge Janet is to lock in gerrymandered maps, the abortion ban, and the power to overturn the 2024 presidential election.

Simply put, the Wisconsin GOP has refused to accept the outcome of the 2023 Wisconsin Supreme Court election.

We will not stand for this obscene power grab. With your help, we must act to assure that our lawmakers publicly commit to voting against impeachment.

We are joining the WISDEMS Defend Justice, an all-out voter contact campaign to knock on doors, call and text, and hold community events.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY – CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS — Tell them that any attempt to overturn the election just because the Republicans want to stay in power is unacceptable. Ask them where they stand on this matter. Tell them that you are against it.

PLEASE LET US KNOW how they respond with an email to or is the website we’ll use to track where each legislators stands on impeachment—and share handy ways to contact them.

IF YOU LIVE IN AD-33 — Please call Scott Johnson (R-Jefferson) (608) 237-9133. Thank him for saying that he will not support possible impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Protasiewicz. Here is the fortatkinsononline article.

Here is a script to use when calling legislators:

“Hi, my name is________ and I live in (city/town). I want to know if Rep/Senator ___________ supports impeaching Justice Protasiewicz. Please let them know that I am against this impeachment.”

Call, leave a message, send an email.

ALSO – you can write a Letter to the Editor with this messaging. Click here to find a list of media contacts. Email us at if you would like assistance.

FURTHER ACTION STEPS will be disseminated soon.

In solidarity,
Kelli and Leslie

LIST OF REPRESENTATIVES/contact information is below: