Free Transportation To and From Polling Places

In Jefferson County, you can RIDE FOR FREE during Early Voting, or on Election Day!

  • For a FREE ride to the polls during EARLY VOTING (Oct 20-30):
    • Fill out the form below.
    • Printed vouchers are specific to your location so be sure to be accurate when filling out your address and town.
    • Remember these vouchers are for EARLY VOTING ONLY!
    • Vouchers must be requested by October 18.
  • For a FREE ride to the polls on ELECTION DAY, Tuesday Nov 3, 7am to 8pm CALL :
    • Brown Cab – 920 563-6303, if you live in Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Lake Mills, or Whitewater
    • Watertown Transit – 920 261-7433, if you live in Watertown
    • Let them know to charge the cost of going to and from your polling place to the Democratic Party of Jefferson County.
    • Please call cabs no later than 7:15 pm on Election Day to ensure you arrive in time to vote.

Taxi Voucher Request

  • This is the location we will use to drop off your voucher, and from where we assume you'll be leaving to vote during Early Voting Oct 20 through Oct 30.
    *Reduced rate vouchers are provided for Watertown residents who are considered seniors or those with disabilities.